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Terms and Conditions




    1.1: “Company Name”, “Client” or “You” is used to describe your business or individuals acting on your behalf. “Direct Clicks” or “we” means Paul Media Pty. Ltd. ABN 55 625 815 376 and the Direct Clicks product. “Contract Terms” or “Minimum term” means the period, if any, specified as “Contract Minimum Term” in the contract confirmation.


    2.1: If you are engaging Direct Clicks to manage Google AdWords advertising product, you must agree to the Google AdWords terms and conditions at:

    2.2: If you are engaging Direct Clicks to manage Bing advertising product, you must agree to the Bing Advertising Agreement at:

    2.3: If you are engaging Direct Clicks to manage Facebook advertising product, you must agree to the Facebook Advertising Policy at:


    3.1: You agree to defend, indemnify and hold Direct Clicks harmless from and against any and all claims, losses, liabilities and expenses (including solicitors’ fees) related to or arising out of the Services provided by Direct Clicks to you under this Agreement, including without limitation claims made by third parties (including your customers) related to any false advertising claims, liability claims for products or services sold by you, claims for patent, copyright or trademark infringement, claims due to disruption or malfunction of services provided here under, or for any content published by you using the Services, otherwise than pursuant to a non-excludable law.


    4.1: Direct Clicks may from time to time vary the terms, charges and conditions outlined in this agreement. The version of this agreement that is published at should always be taken as the binding and most recent version of these terms of agreement.


    5.1: The authorised representative of the client who signs the contract confirmation on behalf of the client hereby personally guarantees all of the obligations of the client pursuant to this agreement. Without limiting the foregoing, the authorised representative personally guarantees to Direct Clicks the due payment by the client of all of its obligations pursuant to this agreement.


    6.1: Direct Clicks will perform its obligations pursuant to this agreement at all times during the Term that there is no money that is owing and has remained owing by you to Direct Clicks for more than 14 days. During this period, Direct Clicks shall make reasonable endeavours to permit you to access information and data held by Direct Clicks on your behalf.

    6.2: If an amount owing to Direct Clicks by you remains outstanding for three months, you shall be deemed to no longer require Direct Clicks to retain any information or data on your behalf, and Direct Clicks may remove such data from their records in such manner as Direct Clicks sees fit.


    7.1: All accounts require a one (1) month notice in writing to cancel their account after the Contract Minimum Term date. Any changes to the agreement, including changes to the monthly fee, also require one (1) month’s written notice. If you wish to cancel your account at the end of the Minimum Term, we require one (1) month’s written notice prior to the end date of the Minimum Term. Otherwise, another full month’s payment is due on the next billing date.

    7.2: Notwithstanding the above, and unless otherwise agreed in writing, this agreement may be terminated by Direct Clicks without notice if you fail to make any specific payment in full (without prior arrangement) to Direct Clicks or if you misuse the services or fail to comply with your obligations under the agreement.

    7.3: Direct Clicks reserves the right to restrict, suspend or terminate access to all or any part of the Service if you fail to comply with your obligations as defined within these terms and conditions.

    7.4: If you terminate an account before completion of its minimum term, payment of the service fee for the remaining contract period must be made (excluding media cost), unless otherwise agreed in writing.


    8.1: Direct Clicks does not warrant that you will receive continual and uninterrupted services during the Term of this agreement.

    8.2: In no event will Direct Clicks, its Directors, agents or employees be liable to you or any third party for any damages, including any lost profits, lost savings or other incidental, consequential or special damages arising out of the operation of or inability to operate these web pages, website, hosting, domain call tracking or email services, even if Direct Clicks has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

    8.3: You acknowledge that Direct Clicks makes no warranty in relation to your customer base, or the quality, frequency or inflow of your customers, or customers that will contact you during the term of this agreement or otherwise.

    8.4: You release us from any claim or potential claim with relation to outages and any loss of business/service suffered by you or any third party.


    9.1: If you instruct or require Direct Clicks to carry out any creative or discretionary tasks or work, Direct Clicks shall in no way be liable for any costs or claims that arise as a result of that work or task.



    10.1: The initial number and name of website pages will be finalised during the sale. Further phone and email consultation will allow for text, images and any other copy to be sent.

    10.2: A website template or an existing website reference will be supplied by you during the sale to give the website designer guidance in achieving a look and feel that fits your business.

    10.3: If requested, we then agree to provide a further 2 hours of assistance in adjusting the website.

    10.4: Further design requirements and website changes after the period specified in 10.3. will be charged at Direct Clicks’ standard hourly rate. Direct Clicks shall be in no way liable to you on the basis that you are dissatisfied with the design or the construction of the website.

    10.5: Responsive layout: Due to the large number of brands and models of tablets, phones, and other mobile devices along with the different operating systems and installed browsers on them, Direct Click cannot guarantee that any developed site will display uniformly across all devices.


    11.1: During the term of this agreement, domain name purchase and registration is included in the price of your website hosting package. Direct Clicks will renew your website domain and hosting each year during the term of this agreement.

    11.2: We will, if requested, transfer ownership of the domain name to you after the initial 12 month contract period, provided that there is at that time no money owing by you to Direct Clicks.

    11.3: Direct Clicks will not refund any payment received in relation to web design work completed after the contract is accepted.


    12.1: Direct Clicks must work together with you to complete the website in a timely manner. We agree to work expeditiously and endeavour to complete the website once you have paid the website design and Development fee in full.

    12.2: You shall send us your website content as soon as possible, along with any photos, discs, brochures, logins or advertising material necessary to enable Direct Clicks to complete the website project within the planned timeframe.

    12.3: If you fail to supply sufficient website content, or fail to provide that content promptly, you acknowledge that construction of the site will be extended to the extent that the supply of content is delayed. Notwithstanding such delay, you shall pay the monthly hosting fee on the Start date, and at monthly intervals until the end of the Term of this agreement.

    12.4: Fees for website design and development are not refundable for any reason, including delays in the supply of material to Direct Clicks to develop the site, or the lack of final approval of the site by you.

    12.5: Abandoned website developments: Any website developments that are waiting on you for approval, review, content or any other issue for a period exceeding three months will be considered abandoned. Once abandoned, a fee of 50% of the original site cost will be charged to re-start the website development project. Under no circumstances will any fees, costs or changes be refunded for any website development, abandoned or otherwise.

    13. WARRANTY

    13.1: Despite extensive testing by both you and Direct Clicks, there is always the possibility that a part of the site does not function as planned when the site is used in a live environment by real users. We undertake to fix any ‘broken’ aspects of the site free for a period of three months after the site goes live. After this time, we would need to consider any reported problem on a case-by-case basis.


    14.1: Direct Clicks can undertake website maintenance when requested. Any changes required must be emailed to us and we will provide you with a written quote outlining the changes proposed and the costs involved to carry out those changes. All quotes are valid for 30 days from date of issue.

    14.2: Once we receive your written email approval for the quote, we will complete the scope of work as quoted within a reasonable time.

    14.3: Direct Clicks will not accept any responsibility for any alterations performed either by you or a third party. Such alterations include, but are not limited to, additions, modifications and/or deletions.


    15.1: You represent to Direct Clicks and unconditionally guarantee that any elements of text, graphics, photos, designs, trademarks, or other artwork furnished to Direct Clicks for inclusion in web pages are owned by you, or that you have permission from the rightful owner to use each of these elements, and you agree to indemnify Direct Clicks in the event that you breach a representation or guarantee pursuant to this clause.

    15.2: Copyright to the finished assembled work of web pages produced by Direct Clicks is owned by you upon final payment of the website design fee.

    15.3: We retain the right to use the layout and elements of coding of our pre-designed websites without any of your content (logo, pictures, text and links).


    16.1: The total amount of the website development cost shall be paid in full before commencement of the website project unless alternate terms have been agreed to at the time of sale.



    17.1: Advertising product shown on the contract form means any advertising on major search engines, as well as on display networks and social media platforms.

    17.2: The monthly cost as specified on the contract form includes a management fee in relation to the services rendered by Direct Clicks in the supply of adverting product, as well as the supply of other products including, as appropriate, keyword and call tracking, account optimization and reporting.

    17.3: A Management Fee may be specified on the contract form as a percentage of the advertising dollar amount. While every effort is made to ensure that the difference between the advertising cost and the Management Fee is wholly spent on advertising within the month, Client accepts that variations will occur in the total spent on advertising and the exact percentage of the total budget may not be achieved.



    18.1: The use of the Direct Clicks search engine optimisation service is at your own risk.

    18.2: You acknowledge that Direct Clicks makes no warranty that search engine optimisation will generate any increase in sales, business activity, profits or any other form of improvement for your business or any other purpose. Whilst Direct Clicks will endeavour to take care in implementing our search engine optimisation solution it is unable to guarantee improved rankings in Australia’s major search engines.



    19.1: We will endeavour to maintain network stability and satisfactory service levels, however: We may from time to time perform routine maintenance, service and upgrades. We will endeavour to act on such instances at the most convenient times and provide reasonable notice by any means we deem satisfactory.

    19.2: We may, at our discretion provide notification of outages whether planned or unplanned.

    19.3: We may experience outages beyond our control caused by any of the following; force majeure (any ‘act of God’ including those induced by negative human activities), war, invasion, act of hostilities, civil war, rebellion, military power or confiscation, terrorist activities, nationalism, governmental/quasi-governmental sanction, restraint, embargo, prohibition or intervention, blockage, labour dispute, general strike, computer hackers, lockout or failure of utilities (electricity, telephone, etc), failure of hardware (our hardware as well as that of a third party), failure of software, failed software or hardware upgrade or any other failure as caused by you, our suppliers or any third party.



    20.1: You represent and warrant that all electronic mail sent using Email Hosting provided by Direct Clicks will comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations pertaining to the sending of electronic mail.

    20.2: You agree to observe the procedures that Direct Clicks may from time to time prescribe and you shall not use the website in any way that harms other Direct Clicks customers or members of the general public.

    20.3: If you are an individual, you warrant that you are at least 18 years of age and if you are a company, you warrant that the Services will not be used by anyone under the age of 18 years.

    20.4: If you access or authorise or are in any way involved with any access to any other networks connected to Direct Clicks, you must comply with the laws, rules and regulations appropriate in relation to those networks.

    20.5: Direct Clicks uses its best efforts to ensure the integrity and security of the Server, however, we do not guarantee that the Server will be free from unauthorized users or hackers or from corruption by virus and we shall be under no liability for non-receipt or misrouting of email or for any other failure of email or damage to data or operations.


    21.1: Direct Clicks reserves the right to restrict the numbers of emails sent or received from your account without notice. Direct Clicks reserves the right to remove any material that we deem inappropriate from your website without notice.

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    Google Rating
    Michele Miller
    Michele Miller
    05:52 25 Oct 17
    We asked Direct Clicks to build a website for Robokids, we wanted to ensure they understood our brand and market. Highly recommend Direct Clicks, the service and communication are fabulous. Graham was just terrific.
    Christopher Cassidy
    Christopher Cassidy
    08:53 11 Aug 17
    Graham did an excellent job bringing the vision of my website to life. He explained things well, was easily contactable and very responsive. Highly recommended! Thanks again
    Amir Reyad
    Amir Reyad
    02:44 25 Sep 17
    Gilard is my campaign manager, he has done a remarkable job for my antenna business. At first I was hesitant but I now say I have full trust is these guys. My business has never been healthier. They have really proved them selves. I referred a friend which manages a solar business and within weeks he’s advised me that their doing a great job! Thanks Gilad and Ben for your hard work. I’m glad for you guys to be part of our business
    Brad Lawson
    Brad Lawson
    03:10 13 Sep 17
    Solid company with great staff, always very responsive. Anything we do with Direct Clicks is thoroughly explained and we're always kept in the loop. It's been nearly 2 years and we haven't looked back since going with Direct Clicks for our online marketing.
    Juliana Lalli
    Juliana Lalli
    13:07 10 Aug 17
    Professional and service driven. We changed our minds so many times and the team were very accommodating and patient. From pre sales to completion, they were fantastic. Highly recommend Direct Clicks and will be certainly using them in the future.
    Katryna Tancred
    Katryna Tancred
    04:08 25 May 18
    We were hesitant to change from managing our own ads to paying a fee but we couldn't be happier with switching to Direct Clicks. Our viewers are more engaged and we're converting more leads. They spoke our language and made sure we understood the options we had. The after sale service cannot be faulted. Highly recommended
    Mike Thomas
    Mike Thomas
    02:29 02 Jul 18
    I can thoroughly recommend Direct Clicks. They are very knowledgeable and easy to work with. Gary really knows his stuff and it is a pleasure to work with him. We also worked with Ben and Amir and together they were a great team. Mike Thomas
    Unscripted Signs Sales
    Unscripted Signs Sales
    09:16 09 Aug 18
    Great company and great staff who delivered excellent results! We will continue to work with them....
    Keith Betty
    Keith Betty
    23:25 13 May 18
    We engaged Direct Clicks to re-design and upgrade our existing website - which involved layout, structure, underlying tech, transfer of existing domains and ongoing hosting. We found both the sales as well as the delivery processes to be '5 star' and would recommend them without hesitation.
    Saul Gerber
    Saul Gerber
    03:36 31 Jan 18
    I had a very successful experience with this company. Gilad Shabab was my contact and he was extremely helpful. My psychology practice built up well and is now self sustaining. I would not hesitate to recommend to friends. Thank you Direct Clicks
    Levi de Bilde
    Levi de Bilde
    01:12 04 Dec 18
    Long time customer of +4 years and still going. Direct Clicks offer great support, advice and a seamless service. Thank you !!
    Elaine Huang
    Elaine Huang
    00:31 12 Dec 18
    Outstanding customer service experience working with Amir at Direct Clicks
    KEYless Entry Systems
    KEYless Entry Systems
    23:50 28 Jan 19
    After trying numerous agencies ( Sponsored links and Reach Local), Direct Clicks were recommended to me. The difference was amazing. I can actually talk to someone and the support I have received from both the Adwords and SEO teams has been first-class. Highly recommend.
    Live2ride Team
    Live2ride Team
    02:31 05 Feb 19
    We are extremely satisfied with the results Graham and the team at DirectClicks delivered for our website. Migrating a website from a previous provider is not always an easy task, but Graham was able to guide us step by step, explaining our options in detail, as well as giving us an easy to follow tutorial on how to use WordPress. I would highly recommend DirectClicks to anyone seeking assistance in creating a new website. Great company, excellent service and support!
    Sandra Checch
    Sandra Checch
    22:37 14 Apr 19
    Great team to work with esp Helen. Always friendly and helpful
    Ben Hindle
    Ben Hindle
    03:43 04 Apr 19
    Just recently started doing business with DirectClicks and have been impressed with the service, knowledge and attention to detail of Gary.
    Brett Ketelaar
    Brett Ketelaar
    23:48 13 Mar 19
    Highly recommend Direct Clicks. Great web design and fresh ideas
    Alen Barsamian
    Alen Barsamian
    08:24 27 Apr 19
    Easy to deal with and very knowledgeable, have seen positive results and more clients since signing up with them, Thank you team!
    Sophie Farrar
    Sophie Farrar
    01:00 30 Apr 19
    We have worked with Direct clicks for a while now and I am always impressed with the wonderful service from Gary Devine. Highly recommend.
    Olga M
    Olga M
    00:41 14 May 19
    Professional and quick response. Gary, my campaign manager, has added value to my business with his suggestions and monthly reports.
    Graham Peters
    Graham Peters
    03:44 12 Jun 19
    There are many companies around that offer similar services. What I like about Direct Clicks is that they really understand the important roll their work plays in the success of the businesses they serve. Additionally, and importantly, they take responsibility for their work and the associated outcomes.
    06:22 27 Jul 19
    Amir has been such a great help! What an amazing team! Been with them for years and have only had gains and lots of insight into business marketing! Thanks Amir and Ben you guys are life savers!
    Albert Dorostkar
    Albert Dorostkar
    03:13 05 Aug 19
    i"m very happy with the level of service i received from Eva Li and the team at Direct clicks.Highly recommend the team from Direct Clicks. They have always been fast and efficient with their service. Thanks Eva Li
    George Winners
    George Winners
    10:57 28 Aug 19
    Direct Clicks is one of the best digital agencies i have dealt with for marketing my business, very professional and knowledgeable.
    Georgette Chaoul
    Georgette Chaoul
    10:14 29 Aug 19
    Great service and very communicative account managers. Creative
    Tony Collins
    Tony Collins
    04:57 06 Sep 19
    Thank you again Graham. Looks great. Job well done again. Please pass on to all a thank you. It is never a problem when I ask for help with our web page. I have already recommended you to others.
    Jared Roomer
    Jared Roomer
    22:38 17 Sep 19
    Direct Clicks are real professionals. They take the time to really understand their customer and the industry. Very happy with their friendly and efficient service too.
    Mikarla Bauer
    Mikarla Bauer
    03:10 10 Nov 19
    Direct Clicks have been an amazing company to deal with. i approached them last year to do my web design and SEO and the results and service have been first class. We have doubled our bookings over the last 12 months and significantly grown the business. I have been recommending their services to everyone!!
    Hannah Tansey
    Hannah Tansey
    22:09 24 Feb 20
    The Direct Clicks team are SO helpful and friendly. No task is ever too much! Amir is extremely efficient and always patient no matter how many requests i have!
    Berge Okosdinossian
    Berge Okosdinossian
    10:27 24 May 20
    Excellent team and particularly our account manager, Bianca Cipri. She is highly attentive and responsive, turning things around in a timely manner, but more importantly, executing on our particular requirements. Highly recommend.
    Tim Johnson
    Tim Johnson
    23:31 22 Apr 20
    Very flexible, very attentive. Great media buying strategy. Happy to go above and beyond to get a campaign running well.
    Tony Collins
    Tony Collins
    02:44 02 Apr 20
    Once again had another request for the Team at Direct clicks to make a few changes with our web page and Once again was very impressed with their work. Thank you to all at Direct Click especially Graham (Always helpful)
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