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Video production, graphic design, banners, photography, content, branding, logos design & more!




    Whether you would like to create a video for your website that delivers high impact marketing, or have a photography session for your products or need to develop any type of content, we offer all of these services among our complete range of digital marketing solutions.

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    High Quality Videos

    Website videos create a more personal interaction between you and your customers and deliver high impact marketing messages that are easy to digest. We can keep you ahead of the competition by creating a sales-driven website video that displays your products, services or place of work and integrate it onto your website. You can also get this shared on the various social media channels and get your brand out to the potential customers.

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    Not only that, we believe in the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”, because customers see before they buy. Customers expect high quality pictures, so we offer our photography services using professional high-quality camera equipment to create the vivid imagery your customers will find hard to resist.

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    Graphic Design

    We’re good at making our clients look OUTSTANDING! We deliver carefully crafted visuals that are key to attracting more customers and advancing your brand’s vision. Great design is a core aspect of our business and we deliver nothing but the best. This includes web design, social media creatives, dip lay ads and more.

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    Content Marketing

    Content is king, absolutely. We believe useful content should be at the core of your marketing, not only as it helps your customers understand your business and its unique selling points, but because it’s even helping your SEO & PPC campaigns perform better.

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      Traditional marketing is becoming less and less effective by the minute; as a forward-thinking digital agency, we know there is a better way. We craft the content that is relevant to your business. You name it: product descriptions, website content, social media content, blogs and more; our content specialists will help get your brand image optimised for your audience.



    Web design and online marketing specialists.


    At Direct Clicks, we understand that clients prefer to deal with a single agency to manage all its digital marketing activities. This is why we are happy to be your one-stop digital marketing agency in Australia.

    • Design & build your website, no matter how complex it gets
    • Provide our SEO services
    • Run your paid campaigns on different channels
    • Creative services as needed
    • Generate leads for your business
    • Grow your business online in all possible ways

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    Michele Miller
    Michele Miller
    05:52 25 Oct 17
    We asked Direct Clicks to build a website for Robokids, we wanted to ensure they understood our brand and market. Highly recommend Direct Clicks, the service and communication are fabulous. Graham was just terrific.
    Christopher Cassidy
    Christopher Cassidy
    08:53 11 Aug 17
    Graham did an excellent job bringing the vision of my website to life. He explained things well, was easily contactable and very responsive. Highly recommended! Thanks again
    Amir Reyad
    Amir Reyad
    02:44 25 Sep 17
    Gilard is my campaign manager, he has done a remarkable job for my antenna business. At first I was hesitant but I now say I have full trust is these guys. My business has never been healthier. They have really proved them selves. I referred a friend which manages a solar business and within weeks he’s advised me that their doing a great job! Thanks Gilad and Ben for your hard work. I’m glad for you guys to be part of our business
    Brad Lawson
    Brad Lawson
    03:10 13 Sep 17
    Solid company with great staff, always very responsive. Anything we do with Direct Clicks is thoroughly explained and we're always kept in the loop. It's been nearly 2 years and we haven't looked back since going with Direct Clicks for our online marketing.
    Juliana Lalli
    Juliana Lalli
    13:07 10 Aug 17
    Professional and service driven. We changed our minds so many times and the team were very accommodating and patient. From pre sales to completion, they were fantastic. Highly recommend Direct Clicks and will be certainly using them in the future.
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