August 1, 2019

Google Ads Jargon Buster,

A guide to understanding your Google Ads Agency.
(The top 24 Things You Should Know!)

Online advertising is awash with acronyms and initialisms. This simple Jargon buster is designed to help the casual advertiser or the less experienced among us understand some of the basics.


These two terms are often used interchangeably, and for the most part they do mean the same thing. PPC = Pay Per Click and SEM = Seach Engine Marketing.

There are a number of different campaign types available online and search is unquestionably the main one. A search campaign is one that runs directly on Google itself.

Display campaigns are a little different. These campaigns use image adverts to serve different messages to people as they browse other websites.

A rather basic one here, when we talk about clicks, we mean when someone in the real world saw, and then clicked on an advert being run online.

Ads, along with keywords are perhaps the most important aspect of a campaign. With ads we tell the person the details of our offer or our product. Ads are usually text only but on the display network, they can also be images or video on YouTube.

Impressions occur when an advert is served (it shows up) online. It doesn’t need to be clicked to be counted as an impression.

Cost refers to the amount spent, this is usually treated as a total. For example, “Your total of 200 clicks had a cost of $200.”

CTR – Click Through Rate
This is a calculated metric presented as a percentage. It is calculated by taking the number of clicks and dividing it by the number of impressions (the number of times the advert showed up). For example, a campaign that had 100 impressions and 12 clicks would have a CTR of 12%.

CPC – Cost Per Click
Not all clicks are the same price. Because of this, we track the CPC of a campaign on an ongoing basis. We calculate it by dividing the total cost of a campaign by the number of clicks it generated. For example, a campaign with a cost of $2000 and 500 clicks would have a CPC of $4.

CPA/CPL – Cost Per Acquisition or Cost Per Lead
These metrics are interchangeable for most people and are again a calculated metric. They refer to the amount a campaign had to spend in order to achieve its given goal. Perhaps a sale, a phone call or a new lead.
We calculate these by taking the cost of a campaign and dividing it by the number of actions or leads it generated. For example, if a campaign spent $1000 and generated 20 leads it would have a CPA/CPL of $50.

CVR – Conversion Rate
This again is a calculated metric, and it refers to the frequency of the conversions from your account over a given period. For example, if a campaign had 100 clicks and 10 conversions in a month, then it would have a conversion rate of 10% for that month.

Impression Share
This is one of the most important metrics, and one of the most misunderstood. Impression share tells us how many times a campaign showed up out of the total number of searches that it could have shown on. For example, if there are 1,000,000 searches for ‘Hotels in Sydney’ and your campaign has an impression share of 25%, then you know your ads only ran on 25% of the available searches and that you are missing out on 75% of the traffic.

VTR – View Through Rate
View through rate is relevant to YouTube campaigns and it tells us how many times a video was viewed against how many times it showed up. If a video showed up 300 times and was fully viewed 30 times it would have a view through rate of 10%.

Placements is a term relevant to the Google Display Network. Put simply it is a list of all the places where your ads showed online. For example, if your display campaign was running and your ads showed up on Gumtree, then Gumtree would be on your placements list.

Keywords are the most basic part of a Google Ads campaign. These are the words that an advertiser chooses to appear against. For example, if a company selling candles in the Hunter Valley wanted to run campaign they would use the keyword ‘hunter valley candles’

Negative keyword
Negative keywords work in conjunction with keywords. They prevent your ad from appearing if used with your keyword. The same company as in the above example might choose to use the negative keyword ‘free’ to make sure they don’t appear when people search for ‘free candles in the hunter valley’.

Each keyword needs a bid in order to run. This is one of the basics of Google Ads. A bid is essentially how much you are willing to pay for a click on a keyword in your advertising campaign. Bids are varied from keyword to keyword. For example, a plumber in Sydney might bid $10 for a click on “plumber Sydney” but he might also bid $80 for a click on “emergency plumber Sydney” if that job is deemed to be worth more for him.

Match Types
Match types are very important, and every keyword has one. There are three main types, and the following examples will all work with the keyword ‘Blue shoes’.

  • Exact match: For all intents and purposes, a keyword in Exact match can only appear if someone types in [blue shoes]
  • Phrase match: This match type means that the main keywords need to appear in order. For example, a phrase match ‘blue shoes’ could appear for ‘men’s blue shoes’
  • Broad match: This search term allows a keyword to be quite varied in what it appears for. For example, if the keyword was ‘blue shoes’ in broad match it could feasibly appear for ‘blue trainers’ or ‘red shoes’.

Tags are one of those things that we explain a lot when working with new customers or advertisers who have not run campaigns before. Put simply, a tag is a little snippet of code that goes on a website (they are invisible) and allows for data to be collected. It is with tags that we know when someone makes a phone call or sends an email as a result of clicking on an ad. They help us make campaigns better.

Auction Insights
For a beginner, the auction insights report is one of the more complex aspects of google ads. it is essentially a clever report that tells us who we are competing with on Google and how many times they show up.

AVG POS – Average position
This is one of the oldest metrics on Google. It explains where an advert is appearing most often. On google up to 10 adverts can be shown on one page. If you have an average position of three, it means your ads are near the top of the page but not at the top – that would be position one.

There are a lot of different extensions available in a Google Ads account but this is not the place to explain each one, that subject could be a series of blogs in their own right! Put simply an extension joins an ad and makes it bigger. This means it will take up more space on Google and makes it more likely to get a click.

SERP – Search Engine Results Page
The SERP is a term we use to refer to a Google page that has ads on it. If you search on the Google home page and visit a results page, that it is a SERP – it’s the Search Engine Results Page.

Remarketing is mostly a display tool used to re-engage your audience. Think of all those times you looked up flights then went elsewhere online and started to see ads for the very flights you were just looking at. That is remarketing in action!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out – we are more than happy to help (even if you are currently with another agency!)

Gary Devine

Gary Devine

Head of Search

I’ve worked in Advertising & Digital since I graduated from university in 2010. I spent 2 and half years working for Google in the UK where I fell in love with digital and creative work. I now run a great team here in Sydney doing great work.

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Michele Miller
Michele Miller
05:52 25 Oct 17
We asked Direct Clicks to build a website for Robokids, we wanted to ensure they understood our brand and market. Highly recommend Direct Clicks, the service and communication are fabulous. Graham was just terrific.
Christopher Cassidy
Christopher Cassidy
08:53 11 Aug 17
Graham did an excellent job bringing the vision of my website to life. He explained things well, was easily contactable and very responsive. Highly recommended! Thanks again
Amir Reyad
Amir Reyad
02:44 25 Sep 17
Gilard is my campaign manager, he has done a remarkable job for my antenna business. At first I was hesitant but I now say I have full trust is these guys. My business has never been healthier. They have really proved them selves. I referred a friend which manages a solar business and within weeks he’s advised me that their doing a great job! Thanks Gilad and Ben for your hard work. I’m glad for you guys to be part of our business
Brad Lawson
Brad Lawson
03:10 13 Sep 17
Solid company with great staff, always very responsive. Anything we do with Direct Clicks is thoroughly explained and we're always kept in the loop. It's been nearly 2 years and we haven't looked back since going with Direct Clicks for our online marketing.
Juliana Lalli
Juliana Lalli
13:07 10 Aug 17
Professional and service driven. We changed our minds so many times and the team were very accommodating and patient. From pre sales to completion, they were fantastic. Highly recommend Direct Clicks and will be certainly using them in the future.
Katryna Tancred
Katryna Tancred
04:08 25 May 18
We were hesitant to change from managing our own ads to paying a fee but we couldn't be happier with switching to Direct Clicks. Our viewers are more engaged and we're converting more leads. They spoke our language and made sure we understood the options we had. The after sale service cannot be faulted. Highly recommended
Mike Thomas
Mike Thomas
02:29 02 Jul 18
I can thoroughly recommend Direct Clicks. They are very knowledgeable and easy to work with. Gary really knows his stuff and it is a pleasure to work with him. We also worked with Ben and Amir and together they were a great team. Mike Thomas
Unscripted Signs Sales
Unscripted Signs Sales
09:16 09 Aug 18
Great company and great staff who delivered excellent results! We will continue to work with them....
Keith Betty
Keith Betty
23:25 13 May 18
We engaged Direct Clicks to re-design and upgrade our existing website - which involved layout, structure, underlying tech, transfer of existing domains and ongoing hosting. We found both the sales as well as the delivery processes to be '5 star' and would recommend them without hesitation.
Saul Gerber
Saul Gerber
03:36 31 Jan 18
I had a very successful experience with this company. Gilad Shabab was my contact and he was extremely helpful. My psychology practice built up well and is now self sustaining. I would not hesitate to recommend to friends. Thank you Direct Clicks
Levi de Bilde
Levi de Bilde
01:12 04 Dec 18
Long time customer of +4 years and still going. Direct Clicks offer great support, advice and a seamless service. Thank you !!
Elaine Huang
Elaine Huang
00:31 12 Dec 18
Outstanding customer service experience working with Amir at Direct Clicks
KEYless Entry Systems
KEYless Entry Systems
23:50 28 Jan 19
After trying numerous agencies ( Sponsored links and Reach Local), Direct Clicks were recommended to me. The difference was amazing. I can actually talk to someone and the support I have received from both the Adwords and SEO teams has been first-class. Highly recommend.
Live2ride Team
Live2ride Team
02:31 05 Feb 19
We are extremely satisfied with the results Graham and the team at DirectClicks delivered for our website. Migrating a website from a previous provider is not always an easy task, but Graham was able to guide us step by step, explaining our options in detail, as well as giving us an easy to follow tutorial on how to use WordPress. I would highly recommend DirectClicks to anyone seeking assistance in creating a new website. Great company, excellent service and support!
Sandra Checch
Sandra Checch
22:37 14 Apr 19
Great team to work with esp Helen. Always friendly and helpful
Ben Hindle
Ben Hindle
03:43 04 Apr 19
Just recently started doing business with DirectClicks and have been impressed with the service, knowledge and attention to detail of Gary.
Brett Ketelaar
Brett Ketelaar
23:48 13 Mar 19
Highly recommend Direct Clicks. Great web design and fresh ideas
Alen Barsamian
Alen Barsamian
08:24 27 Apr 19
Easy to deal with and very knowledgeable, have seen positive results and more clients since signing up with them, Thank you team!
Sophie Farrar
Sophie Farrar
01:00 30 Apr 19
We have worked with Direct clicks for a while now and I am always impressed with the wonderful service from Gary Devine. Highly recommend.
Olga M
Olga M
00:41 14 May 19
Professional and quick response. Gary, my campaign manager, has added value to my business with his suggestions and monthly reports.
Graham Peters
Graham Peters
03:44 12 Jun 19
There are many companies around that offer similar services. What I like about Direct Clicks is that they really understand the important roll their work plays in the success of the businesses they serve. Additionally, and importantly, they take responsibility for their work and the associated outcomes.
06:22 27 Jul 19
Amir has been such a great help! What an amazing team! Been with them for years and have only had gains and lots of insight into business marketing! Thanks Amir and Ben you guys are life savers!
Albert Dorostkar
Albert Dorostkar
03:13 05 Aug 19
i"m very happy with the level of service i received from Eva Li and the team at Direct clicks.Highly recommend the team from Direct Clicks. They have always been fast and efficient with their service. Thanks Eva Li
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